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Long time no see!

What has Alli Gildea been up to!? Well for starters, if you're wondering where the previous 2 years' annual Hourly Comics Day posts are, you should know that 2023's was hastily done on post-its, and 2022's contained exactly one (1) comic and it involved vomit.

Anyway, here's what I've been up to since I last showed face on here:

  • Self-published my first written/illustrated children's book! It's called "Be Good!", and you can find it here:

  • Just finished a 14-part Stations of the Cross illustration series, to be displayed for a young adult ministry event.

  • Been getting involved in some great art opportunities lately: the Highlights Foundation Intensive Artistic Inspiration summer camp last July, and most recently the SCBWI NY conference (feat. a strong ramen break)! My creative battery is charged, and I'm feeling ready to plow ahead into my next project.

  • Otherwise! Business as usual teaching art... my students are constant sources of joy and inspiration. Here's just 1 of the several mini comics they've been my muses for, more on Instagram... the snot may be bountiful, but so is my love for this profession and these tiny artists.

I'm taking a beat from scrolling this Lent, but Instagram (@alligildeasketches) is where I update the most. Looking forward to a bright, creative year ahead!


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