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Hello 2018!

Few days late, but happy New Year, everyone!

Just wanted to give a quick glimpse at some exciting stuff coming your way this year:

- A webcomic collaboration with a wonderful, very talented writer; more on this later.

- Hourly comics day is coming up, February 1st. I'll try to make it an exciting day...

- Rewriting the dickens out of a pitch of mine that I'm very passionate about. My ultimate goal for 2018 is to pitch it to publishers after making it as amazing as possible.

There's plenty more I want to do this year so look out for new work on here, probably most frequently on instagram.

This entry will end with a song that I would listen to when working into the wee hours of the night my senior year of college and felt like I was crashing and burning... it usually motivated me to work at least several more hours. (things get real funky around 2:30)

Let's make 2018 a great one!!


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